1:Why is there margin of error between received product and description?

Each product is manually crafted and measured. Additionally, every pearl and gemstone is unique, thus all measurements provided may have some margin of error.


2:What are the advantages of Our Stores over other stores?

Our products are manually crafted. We try our best to keep that all Materials we choosed are optative.


3:Once an product is sold out, how long does it take for new stock to be available?

Basing on different reasons, such as Customer like, Order material time,Product Difficulty, etc...  so time cannot be determined.


4.How can you contact us?

First, you can contact us by e-mail pineapplegemsus@gmail.com. Also, you can follow our social media Instagram pineapple_gems_jewelry. Even you can put your idea or design on our social media, we may realize it